Permaculture for the Future

Permaculture for the Future

Hosted by: Josh Robinson

The world is full of negative news and the planet is in crisis. This can be downright disheartening and you may feel that there is nothing that you can do. I am here to provide a different perspective. The...

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Regenerative Livelihoods

Episode #16

Episode Highlights:How Deanna started her career in studying indigenous culturesTraveling to Africa during Deanna's Prescott College days to research about chocolatesDeanna's experiences with her business selling...
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Preparing for Future Catastrophes

Episode #15

Episode Highlights:Rob’s journey from being a pipeline engineer to permacultureHow harvesting energy coincides with permacultureDifference between the rebuild and resetWhy community groups are more important than...
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Raising Quail for "Fast Food"

Episode #14

Episode HighlightsAdvantage of raising quail over chickenBasic things to get that Franchesca recommends when raising quail for the first timeThe process of hatching, breeding, and maintaining quailProcess of raising...
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Globalized Localization

Episode #13

About Erik OhlsenErik Ohlsen is an internationally recognized permaculture teacher, educator, and author; he is an award winning landscape contractor and a life long activist. He has specialized in homestead scale...
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Permaculture, Resilience, and the Coronavirus

Episode #12

About Richard HeinbergRichard Heinberg is Senior Fellow of Post Carbon Institute and author of several books on energy and the environment, including Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels, and, with David Fridley,...
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Starting a Resilience Garden

Episode #11

About Yael ZaidmanYael is a nurturer of life. Whether she is working with compost, soil microbes, worms, plants, or seeds, she brings all to life. Yael has experience building and growing farms and gardens from small...
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Five Decades of Earth Repair

Episode #10

Episode Highlights:From agriculture to ecologyThe development of the eco-machineWhat is an eco-machine and how to start oneFounding of the New Alchemy InstituteCleaning toxic pollutants using only biologyAbout John...
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Starting a Regenerative Career

Episode #9

Many people are interested in careers in permaculture, regenerative design, and just restoring the ecosystems of this planet, but when you look out at the current job market, often times those jobs are not available....
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Permaculture for Landscape Professionals

Episode #8

Episode HighlightsGetting into permacultureUsing rainwater and greywaterDesigning living and functional ecosystemsPlanting ecosystemsSequestering excess carbon from the atmosphere uses plants and soilYour Show...
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Biochar for Healthy Soil and Carbon Sequestration

Episode #7

Episode Highlights:Different uses and application of biocharHow biochar becomes a water, mineral, and nutrient reservoir for plantsHow humans has been using biochar for herbal medicineThe importance of biochar in the...
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A Year of Growing 100% of Your Food with Rob Greenfield

Episode #6

Episode HighlightsFrom little garden experience to growing 100% of his food on land that he did not ownHow to acquire land for gardening without owning itWorking with the community to build resilienceWhy Rob was...
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Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy

Episode #5

Episode Highlights:Roles of fungi and mycelium play in living ecosystemsFungi evolved on land long before plantsHow to manage partnerships with fungi and plants (gardens, orchards, food forests, etc)Importance of...
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