Regenerative Livelihoods

Episode #16

Episode Highlights:

  • How Deanna started her career in studying indigenous cultures
  • Traveling to Africa during Deanna's Prescott College days to research about chocolates
  • Deanna's experiences with her business selling chocolates
  • Business as opportunity to do good

About Deanna Moore:

Deanna Moore is committed to helping people spread their message and activate their vision toward a just, sacred and sustainable culture. She has a background in Permaculture, Ecology, Holistic Health & Education. She has an MA in Ecology & Education from Prescott College and is a published co-author of “The Green Intention”. She is a food entrepreneur and collaborator with values-based for profit and non-profit businesses alike. She loves surfing, primitive skills, mezcal and mushrooms! She is co-founder of Remarkable Wellness

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