Starting a Regenerative Career

Episode #9

Many people are interested in careers in permaculture, regenerative design, and just restoring the ecosystems of this planet, but when you look out at the current job market, often times those jobs are not available. It is not that the work is not needed, it is that someone just has not started that business yet. In today's show, we talk with Brook Sarson about her journey into permaculture and creating a career path in work that is both meaningful and has an ecological and community impact.

Show Highlights

  • Allowing job opportunities to unfold
  • Strategies to succeed
  • The importance of business partnerships
  • The myth of the expert
  • How positive action creates movement and momentum
  • How bottom up action can lead to policy change

About Brook Sarson

Brook started her rainwater and greywater harvesting business, H2OME, in 2008 with the mission to be a resource to the San Diego Community for water harvesting. She was determined to create change from the ground up by showing homeowners, educators, and policy makers how simple and effective rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling can be. Her continued mantra has been that individual contributions create tremendous impact toward a larger water conservation strategy.  In 2017, Brook joined forces with Rosalind Haselbeck to start CatchingH2O, a licensed Water Harvesting Contracting business. 

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