Starting a Resilience Garden

Episode #11

About Yael Zaidman

Yael is a nurturer of life. Whether she is working with compost, soil microbes, worms, plants, or seeds, she brings all to life. Yael has experience building and growing farms and gardens from small scale backyard gardens to managing the greenhouse propagation and starts for a 100 acre organic farm.

Yael is the co-founder of the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute and Terra Corazon, a 17 acre permaculture farm in San Diego County, which she is developing with her family and friends. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Yael’s approach with her food growing projects
  • How to find ideas on what to grow in your garden
  • Eating the garden that is already growing with wild edibles
  • How to start a garden
  • Importance of community in garden resilience